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what is social media networking ! social media marketing

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what is social media networking  – if you are free ranking your blog with social media marketing that you are looking the right place

what is social media networking – is a place where billions of people spend their spare time these days that this makes it a platform of great importance that cannot be neglected whether for business or politics. We have seen the role of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and many more channels have played in recent years.

Many companies have turned into massive success through the use of these tools for advertisement. Some stars have been made of some of these sites. These are feats that were not possible through conventional media a few years ago without having to spend enormous resources.

There are so many reasons why social media is critical today and why you cannot afford to put it on the sideline. Here are some of the reasons

Many People Are On Social Media

what is social media networking
social media

As a business owner, you need to locate where your potential customers are and get your product to them. Social media offers the opportunity at almost no cost. Even the price of advertising on Facebook is far lower to what is obtained by traditional media such as newspapers, TV, and Radios. You can explore this vast population for the good of your marketing effort.

Targeted Audience

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what is facebook marketing

Social media is so unique that it makes available options for targeting specific people for your adverts. With vital details such as age, work details, hobbies, family detail and many other details available, adverts place on social media can be targeted at the right audience that is likely to need your product.

This makes a compelling advertisement and minimizes the loss of advert cost. Social media provides you with such a good return because you can decide who you reach out to.

Promote social cause

With the large population of people on social media, social issues can be promoted. We have many examples of social issues that social media have brought to fore. With so many viral subjects we have seen in recent years, it is no doubt that social is a powerful tool in our modern time.


The political landscape is now being shaped by the active use of social media. Though sometimes abused, social media have played prominent roles in recent years because the most dynamic set of people on social media are eligible voters too so this makes opinion to affected online. Political strategies are being developed with the right perspective on social media.





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