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Tamil movie download ! how to upload tamil mobil movies

tamil movie download

Tamil movie download – if you are looking for Tamil movies than this is the right place to find out Tamil.

Tamil movie download for free 2018

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 movie download

If you are interested to watch movies this post is for you. Many of our visitors asked many questions related to downloading the movie as.

  1. How to upload any movie in HD quality?
  2. How to upload a new movie?

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  1. How to upload Hollywood movies in Hindi?
  2. How to download language movie in your language?


Tamil movie download 

tamil movie download

First, you need to use two applications from the Play Store.Torrent is the search engine and fluid.T o download these apps, click on the link given below.

torrent search engine 


 if you are download these two apps, than fist open Torrent Search Engine. Now search for the movie that you call download hacking.

After one page will be open as shown in the image below.

tamil movie download


Here you will be able to see that the movie you searched for will be available in different quality or video formats which will be available on the websites. that You left
Slide into the right and than check their quality, seeds, size, and length.

The movie which has more ‘Seeds’, you have to click on the movie its quality will be better than the rest of the movies.

After that clicking on it, the page will be opened.

tamil movie download


Here you have to copy the URL of the ‘Copy Magnets Link’.

After that opening the ‘Flood’ app.

tamil movie download


And click on the ‘U’ icon to paste than any URL and search it.

After the page will open.

tamil movie download


If you want to click on the ‘+’ icon,  just than start downloading that movie.

than this method you can download any movie in the world very easily. If you inquire any problems with these apps,
than you can comment below on the comment box.




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