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hello, friends, I wanna tell you a beautiful love story Hindi. now lets start. It’s a matter of many years back. A boy was very cute little It’s about 2005.love story hindilove stories in Hindi

सच्चे प्यार की एक सुंदर सी कहानी Real True Love Story in

I too had a love story

Now there was not a slight confusion in my mind just waiting, meeting him If there was a lot of confusion then there was no reason for it to stop me. I was feeling that I should scream and tell all the world that I have fallen in love with her. And tomorrow I’m about to express it.

But how to tell? I wish I had a younger sister or a friend! From which I could talk about my mind. I thought that I should tell my mom. But my confusion grew more then! When I came to know that if they came to know they would not let me out of the house. He had definitely left the village but there was no idea about it.

By the way, where did the papa mummy believe in these things and where did I listen? We come from the village and live in the city! And Papa is also a serviceman at a higher position. But his mind is still a villager. I am scared of thinking this but do so, what should I do? Share your love story with whom?

But I can not even forget him. Because he likes what he likes. Leave it I got into this confused mind for my room. By putting on his headphones, he started listening to his songs and started dancing. It was only a while. Then in a while, the voice came from the other room – “Do not sleep today? Son 11:00 ring! Do not go to college in the morning?”

But today my steps were about to stop. What was so happy that words I was difficult to make statements. I said in dancing, “Yes, the mother is just sleeping, you go to sleep.” If any of my dances had any joke on today, I did not care about it today.

There was dancing in the meantime, only then the sharp drops of water came from my face and bumped and forced me to open the eyes. I do not know what that time is? Going to the window, they started playing with those drops. And repeatedly throwing those drops on your face.

I do not know what happened in my mind? The window was closed and my diary was taken out where I used to write about myself. Even today, some began to write about their love story. But what I was writing today was coming directly from my heart. It was as if I was talking about my mind in the diary.

For the first time, I saw someone talking to my eyes. I went to him and said something – so much so that I came to his train and took him with him. Why do not you go to the next day? I was happy to see him on the front platform. Maybe I was waiting for her Well, things started from the eyes began to be the gesture.

Were weird! “His hints” I did not understand, but a smile was definitely given on my face. Now with time, it started to understand its gestures slowly. He used to laugh at me some crazy every day. And one day it crossed the limit. He started singing loudly after seeing me.

Before I talked to him, he got caught by the station master and took him with him. That was a lot of laughter on that day. Perhaps I had fallen in love with this childhood and madness. Seeing him, I felt like waiting for my years to come.

Now life had caught a speed. This day was so fast that we both did not know. We both used to come to the station every day to get to our own destination. He never tried to come to this side, nor did I ever raise the courage to go towards it.

Sometimes I used to have hearts that I should run away and tell my heart to him. And go with him on that journey where he goes. But my mind never ever allowed my legs to allow me to do it. I was waiting yesterday. Tomorrow’s day is special for me, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.

If I can not tell him about my heart tomorrow, I will probably never tell him. Only then, from my focus diary, the ticking needle of those watches pulled towards me, which was pointing to Valentine’s Day.

My watch went on the clock! It was 12:00 at night. Today the day has come which I was eagerly waiting for. He did not sleep in the whole night, who was so quick to meet him.
Early in the morning, getting ready to do all the work. Today, I did not even have a breakfast, which was to meet him.

Today I reached the platform ahead of time and started waiting for it on the bench lying nearby. But after waiting for a long time, he did not even come. I started feeling uneasy, even today the train had gone, but I had no idea. I was having strange weird thoughts in front of me. “Do not know what has happened, why not come.”

After waiting for a long time, I was crying inside, I was sad to say the truth. The mind was doing that I should give my life today. But what dying did not meet him. Now there were tears in my eyes and there sat on the bench waiting for her to come …..!
It was just that this story ………….!

Friends, I have written this story fictionally. This love story is not directly related to any individual or any incident directly related to it.It is the production of my fantasies which I have shared with people and you have shared with people.

Friends! If you have such a love story which is incomplete, then please send it to me in the comment box.you liked this story, then share it with your friends on social media.you want to contact us Then contact us on our Contact Us page and Facebook page. Thank you


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